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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Topshop Kimono Jacket I Lucy Mason I itslilylocket

Jacket: Topshop

I am seeing kimono jackets cropping up here and there lately and I really want to get one but can't make up my mind! I think this Topshop one is going top of the list, with a pair of dark flared jeans this would be perfect. 

Thanks for reading, 

Lucy xx

Adidas Gazelle Trainers

Sunday, 8 March 2015

I’ve been oooming and arring about buying these for the last month or so. As much as I love my Superstars and Stan Smiths I wanted something a little simpler, something a bit darker to wear when I don’t want my feet to stand out like little golf clubs. As you can see, I went for it and am very happy that I did! They are going to be perfect for the Spring/Summer - they are incredibly lightweight and, in traditional Adidas style, the most comfortable things to adorn my feet since giant fluffy slippers were created. I’m now eyeing up a grey pair….

Thanks for reading,

Lucy xx

Denim Obsession

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

I’m starting to see it everywhere - the return of the double denim! Well, we’re just in jean jacket heaven right now aren’t we? I’m just waiting for the first days of spring to dig out my boyfriend’s old denim jacket, some mom jeans and walk around like I used to be a member of So Solid Crew (all I need is the Leo Di’Cap hair flop). Maybe add some old skool sports brands in the mix too? So the denim trends to look out for this coming season are dungarees/overalls (a MUST in all colours!), frayed edges, loose fit jeans (bye bye skinnies), double denim (paying tribute the 90’s trends out there at the moment) and button down denim skirts. Think that’s it?! I don’t think I can cope with any more!

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