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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Jacket: Old (Similar)
Trainers: Adidas Superstar
Sunglasses: Rayban

I take a lot of inspiration from my boyfriend when it comes to dressing sometimes, he has a knack of finding cool, new brands like a Young & Reckless - a brand owned by Rob Dyrdek's cousin, Chris Pfaff. Very cool, very refreshing and increasingly popular (their Instagram account has over 500K followers!). I can already tell I'll be living in this white tank top all summer.

Does anyone else despise dressing in a way that isn't comfortable? I might wear heels on the blog every now and again but I can tell you now, as soon as I can, I'm back in my trainers! Even on nights out, I chose to frequent clubs where the flatter form of footwear is preferred. As for tight fitted dresses and cut-to-the-body blazers, I get a strong sense of 'no thanks'. It's not an insecurity thing, I'm quite confident in the way I look, but comfort for me is key! I hate dressing for work....

Thanks for reading!

Lucy xx

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