Bassike Resort 2015

Monday, 21 July 2014

 photo 968751-1_l_zps18fdb05e.jpg
 photo 968787-1_l_zpsa7b45eda.jpg
 photo 968785-1_l_zpsa44345bd.jpg
 photo 968777-1_l_zpscb23469f.jpg
 photo 968763-1_l_zps9e634dce.jpg
 photo 968755-1_l_zpsadf98b08.jpg
 photo 968757-1_l_zpsc58cb7ab.jpg
 photo 968761-1_l_zpsa41af89e.jpg
 photo 968749-1_l_zps119ca6e2.jpg

The Resort collection by Australian (with a hint of New York don't you think?) brand Bassike has captured my heart entirely. It's perfect minimalism and structured silhouettes echo that of Celine and Jil Sander and just make me want to open several credit cards and purchase the lot!

We've seen a emergence of Australian brands fronting many new trends and moving to the forefront of existing ones a la One Teaspoon and their cult line of denim shorts (still after a pair). Hopefully there's a lot more to come, and if Bassike's new Resort collection is anything to go by then I'm very, very excited!
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Lucy xx

Between the Lines

Saturday, 19 July 2014

 photo itslilylocket_fashion_asos_culottes_7_zps26d8d4b0.jpg
 photo itslilylocket_fashion_asos_culottes_9_zps2f6f8d6b.jpg
 photo itslilylocket_fashion_asos_culottes_10_zpsa4882e25.jpg
 photo itslilylocket_fashion_asos_culottes_8_zpsc91d6c12.jpg
 photo itslilylocket_fashion_asos_culottes_4_zps2e33e07a.jpg
 photo itslilylocket_fashion_asos_culottes_6_zpscbffe942.jpg
 photo itslilylocket_fashion_asos_culottes_2_zps61154848.jpg

Blazer: ASOS
T-Shirt: Cos (similar)
Culottes: ASOS
Sandals: Topshop
Sunglasses: Rayban

For me, 'stripes' is a trend I most certainly couldn't stay away from, despite typically being known for simple looks. It adds definition to any outfit you chose to wear them with and can completely transform (or what I've tried to do here, at least) even a simple shorts and t-shirt look into something worth blogging about (IMHO).
You might remember me posting this little darling of a blazer on my blog here a short time ago as something I was lusting after - well I managed to pick it up in the ASOS sale! Now that is patience paying off (literally) right there!

What do you think of this outfit? I've been playing around with different styles of photography lately so still in the teething stages of finding what works for my blog.

Oh, and I know I kind of have bitch face going on here but it was seriously hot taking these photos! SOZ!

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Lucy xx

Hot Shop: Pixie Market

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

 photo 10458805_771465786208426_6356896017162004780_n.jpg
 photo 10443364_771090052912666_1921118264187753033_n.jpg
 photo 10547715_773713382650333_1161221441178172203_n.jpg
 photo 10500333_772320019456336_3657524887690645327_n.jpg
 photo 10501859_772706442751027_1069883301161491811_n.jpg
 photo 10527561_772627692758902_1945758524487135816_n.jpg

Pixie  Market, a New York based brand, I'm increasingly seeing amongst the blogosphere - I first came across it seeing Danielle Berstein from WeWoreWhat in a really cute prairie style crop top. There are so many nice things on their site I am trying REALLY HARD to resist! I definitely think this is a hot shop to watch in the coming months.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

Lucy xx

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