Flash of Pink

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The sun has finally decided to start shining! Yay! It's time to dig the flip flops and tank tops out (ok maybe I'm a little premature?)!.
I had an evening out last night but as far as clubbing wear goes, I don't have much by way of clothes (I'm much more of a day clothes person). Dressing up is easy if it's dinner, you can stick a blazer over something and it's instantly glamorous but club wear is a toughy. Because it was cold I decided the fail-safe faux leather trousers were the way to go and I went out and bought a basic top with a statement necklace. Timeless and just right.
What's your favourite thing to wear on a night out?

 photo 735e01e0-d7ca-476b-ba2c-92982300e551.jpg
 photo 2ebc81de-7dbd-4a33-97f6-04ff38277dd5.jpg
 photo 050413022.jpg
 photo 050413021.jpg
 photo 002.jpg
 photo 001.jpg
Top: River Island, Necklace: Topshop
What do you think of the colour? I love it! Nice and bright.
Lucy xx


  1. I really like this necklace and how it makes a quite plain outfit more interesting and your top will be perfect for summer! I hope you had a good night last night! :)

  2. The colour of this top is gorgeous!

  3. Lovely! I always wore a dress when I go out!

  4. ahhhh, i just love the necklace, dear!

    love, Yulia

  5. love the necklace! :*


  6. the necklace!!! following you on gfc and bloglovin now dear :)



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