Celine Pre-Fall 2015

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Images: Style.com

Celine, you have done it again and we salute you for it. What I love most about this collection, and it's something which resonates throughout previous collections, is the sheer class, sophistication and cleanliness of the pieces. It's so, simply put, French. Parisian style is all about staples; the breton striped top, the navy skinny jean, the classic trench and Chanel pump. Timeless. Every collection I see from this brand has that in mind but still manages to stay modern and up give us something new whether it's a new trouser shape or a different way to wear a minimal top. 

What do you think of the new collection?

Thanks for reading, 

Lucy xx


  1. that dark blue ...

  2. Oh my I am in love with every look, just stunning x

    Electra Violet ||

  3. I love the pre-fall… Weird to think about fall when we're still waiting for summer!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I can see you in all of this!

    Tara x


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