Kanye West X Adidas

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Never let it be said that I am not an Adidas fan, from my love of Superstars and Stan Smith trainers to the oversized tees and baggy sweaters. There is an element of cool to wearing Adidas Originals whilst being able to maintain a level of personal style (and not look like you've come straight out of a catalogue).
Kanye West debuted his first collection for the brand at New York Fashion Week recently with a mixed reception. The inspiration behind the collection? Wanting to "crack the pavement" with innovation and something new - and that was certainly what was on display.  It's tricky to know where to start, as he seems to have been able to include such variety whilst maintaining a fresh uniformity throughout from the toned down colour palette to the full body stockings. It might sound strange, but looking at the models with the see-through crop tops and (frankly quite unflattering) stockings, I somewhat feel empowered. To me, it sends out a message to embrace your own creativity, to embrace what you have and be proud of who you are. This is reinforced with the use of models of various shapes, sizes and colour.
Although others may disagree, I hale the collection a success. Will I be walking down the street in a full length stocking? No, probably not (although I secretly do like them) but there are equally many wearable pieces - you can't go wrong with oversized sweaters and jackets. Kanye received much criticism for his previous fashion endeavours but this is definitely a good start at breaking away from it.
I could go on and on all day about this collection, there is so much to it - not least to mention the #freethenipple movement is most likely bowing at the Yeezy covered feet of Kanye West. But I will keep it short.

What do you think of the collection? Is there anything you would wear?

Thanks for reading,

Lucy xx


  1. I actually liked the collection too..a lot. He really is something else, very creative and he truly feels the temperature of the today street style..so he kinda takes it a step forward and makes this collecion. And you`re right, you can`t go wrong with an oversized sweater.


  2. nice combination this time

  3. I also spotted ths collection and I am going to review it on my blog as well. i think it perfectly suits my style- I love the nude elements and how it is used on the body.
    have a good week!

  4. I am the biggest Kanye fan but I didn't like a lot of it. I did like the sneakers and the epic distressed jumpers!

    Tara x

  5. Seems like such an awesome collection !

    Win Pink in Tokyo clothing on my blog !

  6. Incredible! I can't wait for this collection to hit the wracks




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