Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2015

Friday, 16 January 2015


I've always loved Acne, it's Scandinavian chic at it's best - clean, elegant, classy. What I love most about their pre-fall 2015 collection is the attention to detail, which is a little away from their usual simple designs. What works most effectively though is the layering. Remember when I was moaning earlier on in the week about layering being the most annoying thing on the planet? Well here's where my exception comes in to play - when done right, it is RIGHT. 

I salute you Acne once again, you have my bank card quivering in it's little Visa boots. 

Thanks for reading, 

Lucy xx


  1. Loving this! That long tartan scarf is amaaazing!

    Shot From The Street

  2. awesome collection! love Acne!

  3. the collection looks amazing!

  4. The entire post is just so inspirational...

    Mia ♡

    Becoming Trendy


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